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Sprinter Roof Deck Panels

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Introducing the Orion Van Gear Modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels. The van world's first modular roof deck panel system for 10 series crossbars! Six different-sized panels are designed to give all Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack owners a roof deck option no matter what their roof configuration looks like. These panels work on all three Sprinter wheelbases: 144, 170, and 170 EXT. Panels are sold individually so you can mix and match, but we also have pre-configured bundles. These panels are compatible with other manufacturers' roof racks as long as they use 2"x1" or 3"x1" crossbars. 

Step 1: Design your roof layout and determine which panels fit best. Email us for a free custom consultation. Determine crossbar spacing by subtracting 2" from the length of each panel (this gives you the spacing required between crossbars). See the 144 example below.

Step 2: Add the desired quantity of each panel to your cart. 

Step 3: Email us to verify that the panel configuration works. If you already have appliances (fan, AC, or hatch) mounted to your roof then please also include the model name/number of each AND the following measurements: 

  1. For rear-mounted appliances: Distance from the rear plug to the rear edge of the appliance.
  2. For forward-mounted appliances: Distance from the front seam to the front edge of the appliance.
  3. The distance between all roof appliances measured above.


  • The Most Adjustable DIY Roof Deck System¬†
  • Made from Strong Lightweight Aluminum and Finished with a Durable UV Resistant Powder Coating
  • 6 Mix & Match Panel Sizes
  • Works Around Fans, Hatches, and Most AC Units
  • Includes Strategically Placed L-track Compatible Mounting Holes
  • Compatible with our Drop Down Solar Brackets¬†and all other accessories
  • Stainless Steel Hardware is Included
  • Easy Installation
  • Free Configuration Consultaion Provided By ORION
  • Proudly Made in Oregon
  • FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states

Panels come in six different sizes to maximize compatibility in different combinations. Whether you want a full platform, a partial deck, or only one panel, it is now possible to easily customize your own roof deck. They sit flush with the top edge of the rack to maintain aerodynamics and improve usability. 

All panels come with strategically placed L-track compatible mounting holes, so you can safely and securely strap down your gear and hit the road! Panels install directly to the crossbars with included hardware. We only use the very best hardware, which in this case, consists of stainless steel bolts and stainless steel drop-in spring-loaded T-nuts so you don't need to remove your crossbars to install.

Installation of the Sprinter Roof Deck Panels is quick and easy and doesn't require drilling any holes in your van. It's one of the easiest DIY Sprinter upgrades you can do yourself, and the amount of extra usability they provide is second to none. Each panel comes with easy-to-follow instructions and only takes a few minutes to install. They can easily be moved or adjusted at any time by loosening a few bolts.

Panel Sizes: 

  • Panel¬†A - 21.75" L x 26.25‚ÄĚ W
  • Panel B - 28.5" L x 17.5‚ÄĚ W (for Maxxair Fan)
    • When 2 are mounted next to a Maxxair fan, the opening is:¬†26.5"L x 35.9" W
  • Panel C - 31.85" L x 17.5‚ÄĚ W
  • Panel D - 28.5" L x 9.3‚ÄĚ W¬†(for small AC units & hatches)
    • When 2 are mounted¬†next to¬†an AC, the opening is: 26.5"L x 35.9" W
    • Dometic RTX 1000 / 2000, Tern Overland Hatch
  • Panel D2 - 37" L x 7" W (for large AC units)
    • When 2 are mounted next to¬†an AC, the opening is: 35"L x 38.5" W
    • Nomadic X3 / 2000 / 3000, Velit AC¬†
  • Panel E - 12.3" L x 26.25" W


Compatible on all racks that use 2" x 1" or 3" x 1" 8020 extruded aluminum crossbars. Designed for 52.5" to 60" wide racks. Each panel sits 1" over each side of a crossbar. 

    If you need help configuring your deck please contact us. 

    Sprinter Roof Deck Panels

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Kevin M. (Pleasantville, NJ, US)
    Awesome DIY Roof Rack with Walking Solar Deck!

    Super stoked to get our roof rack with the deck panels installed allowing us to get 600 watts of walkable solar panels on the deck! This thing is completely DIY. With this roof rack system, we have a Maxxair Fan, a 12v AC, a full deck, and 600 watts of walkable solar! Can't beat that. YouTube video placeholder
    B.M. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
    A deck panels

    We installed 6 A deck panels on a FLVC rack for a low top sprinter. Had to drill a few holes but that wasn’t all that big of a deal. They fit perfect!
    Nice study deck so it’s not so sketchy loading kayaks now.

    Anonymous (Salt Lake City, UT, US)

    2 "B" panels fill the gaps in my roof rack...perfectly!
    I am a wise Owl!

    Mike F. (Alpharetta, GA, US)
    175 Walkable Solar

    Installed 3 175W walkable solar panels over the Orion Sprinter Rack and Roof Panels. Filled up the rack space perfectly with only 4"-5" of extra space. Electrical controllers not in yet so can't comment on them in use but the install looks good.

    Zayne W. (Columbus, OH, US)
    Awesome panels!

    What can I say? They’re great! Came exactly as described. Hardware was all there and very good quality. Install was even easier than expected. They went above and beyond to help me make sure I was ordering the correct panels.
    They were the exact size listed in their description. Packaging was phenomenal to avoid any possible shipment damage.

    I installed (5) ‚ÄúB‚ÄĚ Panels on a Transit Van with a V2 Flatline Van Co. Lo Pro rack. With my setup I was required to drill (2) small bolts for crossbar spacing in the rear.

    Paul G. (Dedham, MA, US)
    Roof Deck!

    These roof panels were super easy to install and make it so much easier to attach things to my roof. With just the rails and only one ladder it’s extremely difficult to strap down even a surfboard. Now I can get right up onto the roof with ease! Great product! Now it’s time to install my roof top fan.

    brian s. (Winnetka, CA, US)
    Roof rack

    Great fit and easy install. We ate very happy with this roof rack!!!

    Michael B. (Boardman, OR, US)
    Roof deck

    Best roof deck on the market!

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