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Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Arne N. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Rack with ladder on 2023 Promaster

I just recently finished installing the new rack with ladder and, the quality has been excellent. Everything fit together without any issues and installation was very easy without requiring equipment such as hoist/forklift, unlike the rack on my other Promaster.

I purchased this rack so that I would have the flexibility to configure the rack as needed for fans and solar. Thanks to its extruded aluminum design, this rack in infinitely configurable. My next big purchase will be a Fiamma f45 awning and lighting for the new rack.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
A.C. (Rochester, NY, US)
Top notch company

Received as part of their amazing contest last year. Communication is top notch, some of the fastest responses from any company I have ever dealt with. Quality is second to none. Thanks to everyone at company!

Solis Pocket Stealth+ Roof Rack
Laine B. (Saint Augustine, FL, US)
Great Quality.

Purchased this rack system after reviewing several other rack manufacturers and felt that the Orion rack system was a much better product all around. Take your time with the install and follow all steps listed on the installation manual.

Sprinter Roof Deck Panels
Zayne W. (Columbus, OH, US)
Awesome panels!

What can I say? They’re great! Came exactly as described. Hardware was all there and very good quality. Install was even easier than expected. They went above and beyond to help me make sure I was ordering the correct panels.
They were the exact size listed in their description. Packaging was phenomenal to avoid any possible shipment damage.

I installed (5) “B” Panels on a Transit Van with a V2 Flatline Van Co. Lo Pro rack. With my setup I was required to drill (2) small bolts for crossbar spacing in the rear.

Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack
Aaron (West Sacramento, CA, US)
Sprinter Stealth Rack and Fiamma Awning

First off, again thank you to the crew. Helped me understand all the options and what to consider. The rack showed up quickly and the awning followed perfectly. I was able to install the roof rack by myself over a weekend. And with 2 little kids thats really saying something!!! Quality is outstanding and easy to adjust. Next up Ladder and roof panels. Thanks again Orion Crew!

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Daniel A. (New Paltz, NY, US)
Great product and service.

Love my Stealth Rack and it looks great on my Promaster 1500. Custom built for my van I was able to install it simply. Love the look and love the usability and ability to simply customize.

Fiamma F80s Awnings
William P. (Fruita, CO, US)
Now it is installed

Took awhile to find someone to install it - I aged out of ladder use🤪
Works great - we will enjoy it for years.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Bill E. (Wentzville, MO, US)
No such thing as over-engineered!

I worked in a military spec industry a while ago and became used to certain fastening methods since, if for no other reason that if they didn't fall off of fighter aircraft they probably wouldn't fall off of my vehicles.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Promaster159 Stealth+ rack and read through the instructions, realizing that at least one engineer who designed the Stealth+ rack had a GMP if not mil spec background. Makes quite a difference for tolerances all around.

Putting the rack together was easier than expected, and as long as you didn't tighten everything fully as you went along, waiting to torque everything at the end, the final fit expertly contoured to the roof of the Promaster.

The versatility of this rack is quite understated, and if you peruse the 80/20 applications website you will see for yourself. I have been using 80/20 extrusions in my work life for decades, for scientific instrument frames, and at home for kayak and bike racks and trailers. Stealth+ would apply to any industrial application such as TV/Radio remotes, not just RVs.

I am going at my roof rack in stages, trying to combine racing kayak (21' carbon kevlar) mounts with the ability to have a partial deck, and possibly a solar panel. My wife is almost over the initial shock of such an investment for a roof rack when so many other parts of the van project need to be addressed, but she also sees how versatile the use of roof space becomes, andBill has already been able to make her own comparisons to some of our friends with other racks which she has describe as "flimsy looking". Yeah, the Stealth+ does present well and exudes "robust"!

Fiamma F80s Awnings
David B. (Salem, OR, US)
Fiamma F80S Awning

the product arrived early and was packaged very well. The awning is in perfect condition and is of top notch quality. The bracket kit arrived separately, so I had the brackets installed and ready for the awning install. Definitely a 2 man/2 ladder operation. The awning works beautifully and is a major upgrade. Also, the ordering process was awesome! Matt helped me with a lot of details prior to ordering. he wanted to make sure that I was getting the right products for my ProMaster. Great customer service!! Orion Van Gear also provided tracking info for both shipments.

Promaster Brackets Fiamma 45s

Substantial, and well thought out. The brackets attach perfectly to the Orion Roof Rack.

Fiamma F45s Awnings
Matt a.M.F. (Olympia, WA, US)
Excellent Awning Fiamma 45s

So exciting the Promaster Brackets for the Fiamma 45s arrived first and then the Awning arrived. We were nervous at first because the box had some damage but after opening it all was well and protected by the excellent packing. The rigid packing pieces were used by us to make a stencil to simulate the Awning. we could lift the cardboard Stencil into position on the Van and decide where we wanted the Brackets and Awning mounted. It also allowed us to know where to drill the holes into the Awning casing as not to damage the internal mechanisms. While installing we appreciated all the quality craftsmanship that went into the Brackets and Awning. Two people, two ladders and team work is a must. Great products Orion. Thank you

Universal Board Hooks (Pair)
Troy L. (Mission Viejo, CA, US)
Perfect choice!

Couldn’t be happier with the whole process. Purchased ladder, board, pole, board, hooks, and 8020 bars. Extremely helpful with all my questions. Two week delivery. Easy install. Thank you.!

Promaster Stealth+ Side Ladder
Troy L. (Mission Viejo, CA, US)

Couldn’t be happier start to finish. Very helpful and answered all my questions before I purchased. Delivered in a couple weeks. Very easy to install. Thank you!

Fiamma F80s Awnings
Timothy P. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Fiamma Awning

Excellent awning, great quality ,appearance really nice. Operation very easy. Mounting instructions were easy to follow. It was a bit heavy, you really need 2 young people to lift into place. I'm 76 and the helper was a smaller 72 year old. I would recommend it highly!

Fiamma Aluminum Wall Brackets For Awning Legs
Timothy P. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Fiamma Awning Wall Bracketts

They work very well, and appearance is nice. Quality great. Only tough parts was removing my water control unit on my Winnebago Solis Promaster. Then then removing the panel up front, there was a double metal wall that wouldn't allow excess to the **** fasteners., I still used the screws but put double sided 3M tape to secure it to the wall and it works fine. Just use field exspeedincy! I would still recommend. recommend

Promaster Stealth+ Side Ladder
Matt a.M.F. (Tacoma, WA, US)
Best Ladder Ever

Went together well and very sturdy. Thank you

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Matt a.M.F. (Tacoma, WA, US)
Best Roof Rack

It was just like you said. The order came. My wife and I set up the assembly operation by watching videos and reading the directions. The Roof Rack went together well and we used it right away. Funny thing on our trip to the Columbia River a gal named Jennifer flagged us down and asked if she could take a picture of our Orion rack. She said that she was one of the first to have the rack on her Sprinter. Ours is a Ram Promaster but she was just so excited and wanted to know how we loved it. Thanks Orion for a quality product.

Fiamma F80s Awnings
joe e. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Fiamma f80

Absolutely love it. Installation was very ease if you have some knowledge of how to remove A/C system and headliners.

Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack
C.B. (Springdale, UT, US)
Very happy with build and install process

I bought this one after much research because I liked the aesthetics best out of what I saw. Received high quality support through chat and successfully determined a configuration for my van, which already had some existing stuff up top to work around. Installation was straightforward. I was particularly impressed how organized the hardware was in the kit, and how short and to the point the install instructions were. I would say of all of the stuff I have bought for my van, this was the most intelligible set of hardware and instructions I have seen. I have not put the product through the wringer yet. Will post another review after a summer of gear shuffling.

Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack
c.h.v.t.(... (Raymond, ME, US)
Super Easy DIY Roof Rack

My wife and I installed the roof rack in a couple hours on our 177 2016 Sprinter. Orion provides a QR code that you can scan linking you to pretty foolproof illustrated instructions. The instructions were super easy to follow and make installation a lot less daunting! The materials are solid and very well made. The rack fits PERFECTLY on the van and we couldn't be happier. We also got the ladder, surf pole, and surf hooks. We LOOOVE them. The van is still a work in progress, but these additions are amazing. Thanks, Orion for making an awesome rack! YouTube video placeholder
Sprinter Roof Deck Panels
Paul G. (Dedham, MA, US)
Roof Deck!

These roof panels were super easy to install and make it so much easier to attach things to my roof. With just the rails and only one ladder it’s extremely difficult to strap down even a surfboard. Now I can get right up onto the roof with ease! Great product! Now it’s time to install my roof top fan.

Great Product

Product worked absolutely perfectly as most impressed with the stainless steel hardware that fit exactly into my pro rack. I thought I was gonna have to make something but it was a perfect fit.

Sprinter Roof Deck Panels
brian s. (Winnetka, CA, US)
Roof rack

Great fit and easy install. We ate very happy with this roof rack!!!

Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack
William D. (Granby, CO, US)
Not mounted yet.

I received my order and it is sitting in the unopened boxes it was shipped in awaiting that stage of my van build to be unboxed and mounted. Thank you.

Fiamma F80s 370 Awning

Great awning and accessories. Installation easy to do, great quality & perfect price. It was kind of hard for this 76 yr old man & 62 yr old to lift and place on the roof, but we did it!

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