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What Our Customers Have To Say

Based on 12 reviews
Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Greg K. (Quarryville, PA, US)

Finally found a roof rack that checks ALL the boxes. Absolutely love the stealth profile but much more impressed with the quality and functionality of the rack. The adjustable 80/20 cross bars accommodated our existing skylight plus allows for easy configuration changes depending on our needs. Unexpected highlight was the amazing customer service by Team Orion. They even fabricated the perfect brackets to attach our ARB awning that eliminated the gap between the van and awning. So glad to find a company that caters to Promaster owners and can’t wait to see what they build next!

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Sasha H. (Albany, NY, US)

We had been looking for a rack that looks nice, was aerodynamic, and didn’t break the bank and we found it! We are VERY happy with our Orion rack on our Promaster 136. The install wasn’t bad with a little time and focus. The addition of the video to assist with the written instructions was very helpful. Also, communication with Orion has been excellent. We just ordered an awning with the custom brackets.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Ben W. (Lapwai, ID, US)
Great Roof Rack, Looks Awesome!

I debated purchasing this rack vs the Unaka roof rack which included solar panels. I decided to go with the Orion because of the solid metal trim that surrounds the rack. I love how it looks and it only took one afternoon to put it together. I've been super pleased with it so far and wind noise has not changed with the rack on top. I picked up the rack from the guys in Oregon it was great to meet the team and support a new local business. I'm looking forward to what they come out with next!

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Veryl K. (Idaho Falls, ID, US)
Excellent Product, Highly Recommended

Solid roof rack, Highly versatile. I was able to install 600 watts of solar, a Maxxair fan, and a A/C. All is hidden from the ground.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Nicholas T. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Great product and Great support

I don’t often write reviews but every so often you come across a product or company that blows away your expectations. Orion Van Gear did just that. The roof rack is very well designed and couldn’t be any more happy with it. As far as support I was blown away when the owner of the company picked up the phone on a Saturday to help me with my install, not once but twice. These guys far exceeded my expectations and can’t thank them enough. Can’t wait to see what else you guys come out with. Thanks again

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Debbie Y. (Seattle, WA, US)

Good job making use of the covid year and designing such a great product in such a short time, and getting it right! Looks great on the van! It’s so strong it can carry a cow! The biggest cow in North Dakota! Not very stealth though... Excited about adding the awning and ladder ASAP!

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Ken V. (Milpitas, CA, US)
Fits like a glove!

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best looking and aerodynamic rack for the Promaster. Easy to install and can accommodate up to 4 solar panels and a weboost antenna.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Kelly B. (Forest Park, IL, US)
Great Stealth Rack

I love this rack! Not only does it hide my fan when not in use, it also fits my solar panels like a glove and with the included mounts keeps them right at the height of the rack so they are not visible from the ground either but have no shading from the rack structure itself! Install took a bit but ultimately, we got it done without video instruction. Use the pro tips, they certainly help! Would love the option to add on additional pieces after the fact (had no idea what I needed at the time of order). Overall a great unit!

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Christopher B. (Carlsbad, CA, US)
Excellent Rack

The Orion team nailed it with this rack. I’m stoked that I found them, before trying a DIY rack. There’s no chance I would have been able to produce a rack that looks this good. I’m in love with this rack. As far as installation, I was able to do it by myself, in one day! Highly recommend this rack!

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Anuj B. (Fremont, CA, US)
One of a kind adjustability!

I'd been looking for a roof rack made for the Promaster for months but could never find one that worked for my camper (2 fans and a solar panel) without heavy modification. The team at Orion met that gap and created an amazingly adjustable rack! When I received it I could tell the team put a great deal of CAD level design and detail into the rack that you just don't see on many OEM hardware. The install is super smooth and the instructions are easy to follow took ~a half day for me with a friend. I love the look of the rack from the side, its a very sleek profile. A roof deck and carrying kayaks/SUPs is definitely in my plans, but this platform opens up so many possibilities for just about anything you can think of. Great job to the Orion team, can't wait to see what they design next.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
JM (Bainbridge Island, WA, US)
Awesome Rack!

Picked mine up in McMinnville and hit our first Harvest Host (dope!). The install went smoothly and Steve was super responsive when I had a question. It's all straight forward and the detailed instructions are excellent. When applying the anti-seize, only use a small dab, as it spreads well when you turn the bolt, and can be messy if you apply too much. I dig how it looks and that you cannot see the fan or solar panels from the ground. I plan to put a small deck on the back and that too will be below the side rails, so this really is the most stealth rack out there. Hats off to Orion for designing a great product at a good price.

Promaster Stealth+ Roof Rack
Richard S. (San Leandro, CA, US)

This is a well designed & engineered Rack! I would rather donate my left kidney than assemble a large piece of IKEA furniture. This was surprisingly manageable for

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