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100 Watt Walkable Marine Solar Panel

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This remarkable semi-rigid 100W walkable monocrystalline marine solar panel features high-efficiency SunPower cells, capable of impressive performance even in partial sun. It's small enough to fit on either side of most fans mounted to our Roof Deck Panels. See the image on the left for our ultimate 144-roof configuration that includes 400 watts of walkable solar mounted to our deck panel, Maxfan in Bay 1 or 2, Starlink, and a rear AC. 

These are NOT your typical flexible solar panels! With an aluminum backing and ETFE laminate non-skid surface on both sides, these panels can be walked on without fear of damaging the solar cells. They are ideal for mounting on a van or RV roof and are a perfect match for mounting directly to Orion's Modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels. For the most efficient use of space on your van roof and better overall function, Orion's modular deck panels combined with these walkable solar panels offer an optimal solution.

  • Durable (walk-on certified)
  • Premium Sunpower Solar Cells
  • Designed to withstand harsh marine environments
  • Dimensions: 16.54" x 48" x 0.16"
  • Lightweight: 5 Pounds
  • *Hardware not included - See below
  • Ships Free to the lower 48 states

We also offer these panels in many more sizes here. See the below chart for full specifications. If you have any questions please contact us.


Solar Cells:
Rated Power (wp): 100 Watts
Manufacturer's Warranty:
2 Years 
16.54" X 48.03" X 0.16"
Weight: 5.07 pounds
Output Connections:
6-foot Duplex Cable 3/8" OD
Peak Power Voltage (Vmpp): 16.52 Volts
Peak Power Amps (Impp): 6.06 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 19.50 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 6.42 Amps
Maximum System Volatge 1000 Volts
Cell Conversion Efficiency: 24.4%
Maximum Bend Radius 20 Degrees


There are a few ways to mount semi-rigid walkable marine solar panels on a rigid surface.

  • If installing on a Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack with Sprinter Deck Panels we recommend two methods: 1) Use stainless drop-in T-Nuts, bolts (medium thread-locker), and washers and align at least one side of the solar panel with the crossbar channel. 2) Rivnuts or Plusnuts with oversized washers/ fender washers on all 4 corners. 
  • If placing a panel at the very front of a rack use one 'J' shaped aluminum extrusion. The extrusion is mounted on the long side of the panel (front edge) and screwed to the deck and the panel is slid into position. This mounting method allows for the panel to be slid out of the extrusion for removal and cleaning of the deck surface. Email for more info.
100 Watt Walkable Marine Solar Panel

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