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Le Mans Low Profile 12v Fan

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The Le Mans Low Profile 12v Fan ensures a healthy supply and exhaust of air in your campervan. The main advantage of the Le Mans roof fan is that it sits only 2.52" inches above your roof when opened (compared to 9.3" inches with a Maxxair Deluxe and 3.93" inches with a Maxxair Dome!) allowing you to mount it anywhere under our Sprinter roof rack, put solar panels or decking over top of the fan.  

Manufactured by G&C Systems in the Netherlands, the fan is 12 volts and the consumption is 80 watts or about 7 amps at the highest speed of 2600rpm creating airflow of 500 ft3/min. The fan comes with a 3-position switch which allows air to go in or out and a variable speed dial so you can choose the intensity. Low noise 52DB(A) fan is great for vans.

The mounting flange is ABS and the cowl is PA6 nylon. 9.125" ID hole required in the roof. The flange is 12.28" OD.  Mounting screws are not included. This fan is only 2.52" tall when opened so it can be installed ANYWHERE underneath our sprinter rack (including under crossbars). It can also be mounted under solar panels or decking on many vehicles. 

Interior closure can be either manually or electrically closed. White vents are included in this kit. These vents are different from typical RV vents in that the air closure is on the inside. The unique design of the cowl keeps moisture out.  A black exterior cowl is included in this kit. The interior closure is 11.41" in diameter and 3/4" thick. These vents do not include a plenum to bridge the gap (space) between the inside of the roof and the top of the ceiling panel. AC foam seal can be used to do this. If mounting to a Promaster van you will need a roof adaptor to fill the roof ridges.


  • Only sits 2.52" above the roof when open vs. 9.3" of a traditional Maxxair fan /  allows you to maximize roof space for solar panels, decking, and storage
  • Fits ANYWHERE under a Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack (including deck panels, crossbars, solar)
  • Comes with 3 position switch to allow for air to go in both directions
  • Comes with a variable speed controller to control the intensity
  • Does not need a voltage regulator like the Maxxair fans do
  • Weight is 4lbs 7oz
  • 2600rpm variable speed fan
  • Low noise 52DB(A)
  • Avoid having to play solar panel Tetris around Maxxair fans
  • Ships Free to the Lower 48

Some assembly is required. *Roof adaptor required if mounting on a Promaster. *Does not come with a wiring harness.

Le Mans Low Profile 12v Fan

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