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Fiamma Awning LED Light Kit

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The Fiamma Awning LED Light Kit (98655-914) for the Fiamma F45S awning, consists of a 5m LED strip. The Fiamma Awning LED Light Kit (98655-914) comes with 10 PVC 20″ (50cm) lenses to fit inside the internal profile of the lead bar (for both Fiamma F80S and F65 awnings) and inside the case (for Fiamma F45S).

The Fiamma F45S Awning LED Light Kit (98655-914) consists of 6 individual strips that slide together below the awning into the rear channel. This means that you don’t have to have the awning open in order to use the lights. The compact dimensions allow them to stay mounted, even when the awning is closed. Complete with 5 meters of cable for a quick connection to your electrical system. Each group of lights contains 9 LEDs, which are equipped for external use.

Fiamma Awning LED Light Kit Includes:

  • 1x bar with wiring for the 12 V electrical connection
  • 4x additional bars.
  • the optional Fiamma Kit LED Awning Case 50cm (20″) (98655-915) is available to make longer lengths.
  • Free Shipping to the lower 48 states

Fiamma F45S Awning LED Light Kit (98655-914) Ordering Info:

  • Fiamma F45S LED Kit 98655-914 (for 10 foot (300) Fiamma F45S Awnings)
  • Fiamma F45S LED Kit 98655-914 + 20 inch LED Extension 98655-915 (for 11 foot (350) Fiamma F45S Awnings)
  • Fiamma F45S LED Kit 98655-914 + 2x 20 inch LED Extension 98655-915 (for 12 foot (400) Fiamma F45S Awnings)
  • Fiamma F45S LED Kit 98655-914 + 3x 20 inch LED Extension 98655-915 (for 13 foot (450) Fiamma F45S Awnings)

For longer awnings just add the optional 20″ LED Extension (98655-915), as many as required!

LED Color Cold White
Color Temperature
6500 ° K
Light Cone Angle 120 °
Lumen 168 / bar
N° LED 30 / bar
Tension 12 V
Absorbed power 2,7 W / bar
Absorption 0,23 A / bar
IP Rating IP 54
Fiamma Awning LED Light Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Shannon H. (Sacramento, CA, US)
Amazing lights

The Fiamma LED light kit is amazing super easy to install and the light it puts out awesome. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who has an Fiamma awning and wants lights outside.

William P. (Fruita, CO, US)
Now it is installed

Took awhile to find someone to install it - I aged out of ladder use🤪
Works great - we will enjoy it for years.

David B. (Salem, OR, US)
Fiamma F80S Awning

the product arrived early and was packaged very well. The awning is in perfect condition and is of top notch quality. The bracket kit arrived separately, so I had the brackets installed and ready for the awning install. Definitely a 2 man/2 ladder operation. The awning works beautifully and is a major upgrade. Also, the ordering process was awesome! Matt helped me with a lot of details prior to ordering. he wanted to make sure that I was getting the right products for my ProMaster. Great customer service!! Orion Van Gear also provided tracking info for both shipments.

Matt a.M.F. (Olympia, WA, US)
Promaster Brackets Fiamma 45s

Substantial, and well thought out. The brackets attach perfectly to the Orion Roof Rack.

Matt a.M.F. (Olympia, WA, US)
Excellent Awning Fiamma 45s

So exciting the Promaster Brackets for the Fiamma 45s arrived first and then the Awning arrived. We were nervous at first because the box had some damage but after opening it all was well and protected by the excellent packing. The rigid packing pieces were used by us to make a stencil to simulate the Awning. we could lift the cardboard Stencil into position on the Van and decide where we wanted the Brackets and Awning mounted. It also allowed us to know where to drill the holes into the Awning casing as not to damage the internal mechanisms. While installing we appreciated all the quality craftsmanship that went into the Brackets and Awning. Two people, two ladders and team work is a must. Great products Orion. Thank you

Timothy P. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Fiamma Awning

Excellent awning, great quality ,appearance really nice. Operation very easy. Mounting instructions were easy to follow. It was a bit heavy, you really need 2 young people to lift into place. I'm 76 and the helper was a smaller 72 year old. I would recommend it highly!

Timothy P. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Fiamma Awning Wall Bracketts

They work very well, and appearance is nice. Quality great. Only tough parts was removing my water control unit on my Winnebago Solis Promaster. Then then removing the panel up front, there was a double metal wall that wouldn't allow excess to the **** fasteners., I still used the screws but put double sided 3M tape to secure it to the wall and it works fine. Just use field exspeedincy! I would still recommend. recommend

joe e. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Fiamma f80

Absolutely love it. Installation was very ease if you have some knowledge of how to remove A/C system and headliners.

Timothy P.
Fiamma F80s 370 Awning

Great awning and accessories. Installation easy to do, great quality & perfect price. It was kind of hard for this 76 yr old man & 62 yr old to lift and place on the roof, but we did it!

Timothy P.
Fiamma FS 80 Awning 370

Excellent awning and much easier than I expected to mount. I really like it, I'm 76 yrs old and a small guy about 62 yrs old picked out up and set it on the braces.

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