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Dragon Fly Awning Extensions

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Dragon Fly Awning Extensions are designed to be added to existing vehicle awnings like the Fiamma F45s, Fiamma F80s. They slide into the existing awning track so no extra hardware is required. They provide extra shade, especially in the low-angle sun, and more importantly, improve the performance of your existing awning in high wind and elements helping to keep your awning from being damaged. Have more confidence leaving your awning open when you go for a hike, surf, paddle, or groceries.

*Not recommended for legless awnings or awnings equipped with an auto retract feature.

  • FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states
  • Installs directly into most awnings that have LED or Accessory slots
  • Tarp, straps, stakes, and bags included
  • Quick & easy setup up and takedown
  • Works with most awnings. Contact us if your awning is not listed. 
  • 300D Polyester Ripstop that is urethane coated on one side.
  • Heavy-duty elastic ratchet straps
  • Improves awning performance in winds and elements 
  • Total Weight = 4 LBS đŸ€Ż
  • The default tarp color is Gray with Black patches and Black Trim
  • Available in multiple different color combinations! 
 Awning  Compatible Extension Typically Found on
Fiamma F45s 260 99" 4Wheel Campers, Trucks
Fiamma F45s 300 118" Promaster 136, Transit 148
Fiamma F45s 350 118" Promaster 159, Transit 148
Fiamma F45s 400 144" Promaster 159 EXT, Transit 148 EXT
Fiamma F80s 320 118" Sprinter 144, Promaster 136
Fiamma F80s 370 144" Sprinter 170, Promaster 159
Fiamma F80s 400 144" Sprinter 170 EXT, Promaster 159 EXT, Transit 148 EXT
CareFree 9'6" 118" Winnebego Revel
Dometic Powered Not Compatible StoryTeller Vans

118" (Fits most awnings for Sprinter144, Promaster159, Transit148, etc),

144" (Fits most awnings for Sprinter170, Promaster159EX, Transit148EX, etc)

*Not recommended for legless awnings or awnings equipped with an auto retract feature.
Dragon Fly Awning Extensions

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