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Flat High Performance Starlink Mounting Brackets

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Our Flat High Performance Starlink Mounting Brackets are the cleanest way to mount the new Starlink high-performance dish to your Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack. Designed to recess the Starlink Dish between 2x1" 8020 crossbars so the top surface of the dish is flush with the top of the Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack. This hides the dish from ground level (protecting your investment), allows for unimpeded signal, improves its protection from road debris, and ultimately keeps your rack's aesthetics on point while maintaining aerodynamics and connectivity. Each bracket has a slotted hole to allow for crossbar spacing adjustments and a centered hole to easily mount them to our 2x1" crossbars with included hardware. Comes in a side mount and end mount version depending on which orientation you need. Combine these with our patent pending Sprinter Modular Roof Deck Panels to create a fully flush roof profile that's connected to the internet 24-7. Please contact us if you have any questions.


  • Includes stainless steel hardware to attach to Orion's Sprinter Roof Rack
  • 4 brackets are included in a set
  • Laser cut and formed aluminum and finished w/ UV-resistant black powder coating that matches the rack and other accessories
  • Drops the Flat High-Performance Starlink down so it is flush with the top edge of the Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack. 
  • Has a 2" slotted hole for crossbar adjustment (see image)
  • Retains a slight angle to allow for rain to run off.
  • Proudly made in Oregon đŸ‡ș🇾
  • FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states


Flat High-Performance Starlink mounted to 2" x 1" 10 series extrusion. Perfect for our Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack. As seen in the pictures, the side mount version is able to be mounted next to a 50 Watt Renogy solar panel when using our rack and drop-down solar brackets. 

*Not compatible with mast-mounted Starlink dishes including: Standard Dishy (round dish), Standard (Flat), High Performance (Pole/Mast Version)
**Not compatible with 15 series 8020 extrusion

Flat High Performance Starlink Mounting Brackets

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