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Renogy 175 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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DIMENSIONS:  G2:  49.7" Length x 27.5" Width x 1.38" Depth

  • The G1 size is no longer made by Renogy. It was 52.2" Length x 26.3" Width x 1.38" Depth 
The perfect solar panel for our Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack as it fits nicely side to side inside our rack. Use our Sprinter Stealth+ Flush Solar Panel Brackets for the best fit and aerodynamics. 

Installation Ready


  • Multi-layered sheet laminations enhance cell performance and ensure a long service life
  • EL tested solar modules
  • Bypass diodes minimize power drops caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments
  • TPT back sheet dissipates heat to ensure smooth performance over a long period of time
  • Pre-installed corner protector protects you from accidental cuts from the sharp corners and protects the solar panel frame from impacts (blue)


  • A corrosion-resistant aluminum frame allows for extended outdoor use with a typical lifespan of decades
  • Guaranteed positive output tolerance (0-3%); withstands high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)
  • Anti-reflective, high transparency, low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
  • IP65-rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low-pressure water jets


  • Can be used for many different applications
  • Ground mount compatible
  • Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters

      MORE INFO:
      The Renogy 175 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a key component of any solar power (PV) system. Each solar panel includes solar connectors that extend from the junction box affixed to the back of each panel. The solar connectors are compatible with the Renogy solar connector Adaptor Kit - allowing for a quick and simple connection. Whether you mount it to the roof rack on your van, take it camping in the mountains or for a trip to the beach, this off-grid panel can be a great start or addition to any off-grid solar system!

      Each Renogy 175W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is capable of withstanding heavy snow and strong wind loads. Each panel is quality tested to ensure safety and longevity.


      • What’s the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels?

        Polycrystalline panels, which are light blue in color, are less efficient than monocrystalline panels, but they are also cheaper. Monocrystalline panels, which are darker in color, are more space-efficient. If you have a limited area on a roof, we’d recommend monocrystalline panels to be able to make the most out of a small space.

      • How many solar panels do I need?

        To determine what size system will best fit your needs, make a list of all the appliances and devices you plan on running. The main appliances to take into consideration when addressing energy needs may include a TV, lighting, water pump, laptop, fans, microwave, and refrigerator. 

      • How do I maintain solar panels?

        Solar panels are low-maintenance. We encourage you to wash off the panels at least once a year to remove any dirt or other residue that may have been collected. In the winter, use a snow brush to remove snow from the panels (although panels generate enough heat to typically melt off most snow.) In the fall, we’d recommend brushing off any leaves that may collect on the surface of the panels.

      Renogy 175 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Greg N. (Nashville, TN, US)
      Plug and play solution

      Well designed and crafted, made adding solar panels to our Orion Stealth rack a breeze.

      Greg N. (Nashville, TN, US)
      Great addition!

      Love these! Well made, and super plug and play with our Orion Stealth Rack. The added capture capacity is a game changer for extended boondocking. Wish I had room for two more!

      Greg, Thanks for the stellar review! We're thrilled they've been a perfect match for your Orion Stealth Rack and have elevated your Solis Pocket boondocking experiences. Happy adventures!
      - Orion Van Gear Team

      lucky E. (Fields Landing, CA, US)
      Great Product

      Product worked absolutely perfectly as most impressed with the stainless steel hardware that fit exactly into my pro rack. I thought I was gonna have to make something but it was a perfect fit.

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