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155 Watt Walkable Marine Solar Panel

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This remarkable semi-rigid 155W walkable monocrystalline marine solar panel features A-grade HJT solar cells, capable of impressive performance even in partial sun. These are NOT your typical flexible solar panels! With a strong aluminum backing and ETFE laminate non-skid surface, these panels can be walked on without fear of damaging the solar cells. They are ideal for mounting on a van or RV roof and are a perfect match for mounting directly to Orion's Modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels. For the most efficient use of space on your van roof and better overall function, Orion's modular deck panels combined with these walkable solar panels offer an optimal solution.

  • Extremely Durable (walk-on and dance-on certified)
  • Premium A-Grade HJT Solar Cells
  • Designed to withstand harsh marine environments
  • Dimensions: 26.37" X 47.63"
  • Lightweight at 12.8 Pounds
  • White or Black Backing Options
  • *Hardware not included - See below
  • Ships Free to the lower 48 states

The panel's advanced HJT technology delivers up to 6-12% more energy than standard monocrystalline cells. Ideal for rigid surfaces like van roofs, RV roofs, or sailboats. There is no glass and no aluminum frame so these panels are considerably lighter than rigid panels but heavier and stiffer than typical flexible panels. They can be bent slightly to match up with the underlying surface, about 5%. The expected life is 10+ years if used in a harsh marine environment. They are available with a white or black backing. The white backing is better at dissipating heat and is recommended for hot climates and the black backing looks exceptional and is recommended for colder climates. We also offer these panels in 65, 130, 175, 200, and 330-watt power outputs. See the below chart for full specifications. If you have any questions please contact us.


Panel Type:
Class A Monocrystalline HJT Cells
Rated Power: 155 Watts
Manufacturer's Warranty:
1 Year @ 80% + 4 Years Prorated
26.37" X 47.63"
Weight: 12.8 pounds
Output Connections:
6-foot Duplex Cable 3/8" OD
Peak Power Voltage (Vmpp): 22.3 Volts
Peak Power Amps (Impp): 7 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 25.7 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 7.4 Amps
Cell Conversion Efficiency: 23.5%


There are a few ways to mount semi-rigid walkable marine solar panels on a rigid surface.

  • If installing on a Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack with Sprinter Deck Panels we recommend two methods: 1) Use stainless drop-in T-Nuts, bolts (medium thread-locker), and washers and align at least one side of the solar panel with the crossbar channel. 2) Rivnuts or Plusnuts with oversized washers/ fender washers on all 4 corners. 
  • They can be screwed/bolted down directly to the deck surface at each corner.  We recommend either a stainless bolt with an oversized washer/fender washer and nylock nut.
  • If placing a panel at the very front of a rack use one 'J' shaped aluminum extrusion. The extrusion is mounted on the long side of the panel (front edge) and screwed to the deck and the panel is slid into position. This mounting method allows for the panel to be slid out of the extrusion for removal and cleaning of the deck surface. See the product page for details and pictures. 
155 Watt Walkable Marine Solar Panel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bryan M. (Eugene, OR, US)

The panels work great and I have yet to plug in to shore power. I have left the battery heaters on and the power takes care of the battery’s first thing in the morning. I have only been on one trip. Ran all power and never was below 550w in the morning.

Kevin M. (Pleasantville, NJ, US)
Awesome DIY Roof Rack with Walking Solar Deck!

The Orion roof rack with their deck panels allowed us to get 600 watts of walkable solar panels on our 170 sprinter! This roof rack system has a Maxxair Fan, a 12v AC, a full deck, and 600 watts of walkable solar! Can't beat that. YouTube video placeholder

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