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Fiamma F80s Awnings

$1,764.00 $1,764.00
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FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states

**The F80s is NOT compatible with Orion Van Gear Roof Racks. If you have a Roof Rack or you're looking to bundle an awning with an Orion Roof Rack look at F45s Awnings instead** 

The F80s model replaces the F65s model and mounts straight to the roof of your van with model-specific brackets (included if you buy from us). This is the perfect awning if you decide not to do a roof rack. The easy-to-use and simple-to-install Fiamma F80s Awning pairs today's best technologies with service and Italian quality! Double the living space of your vehicle in less than one minute with the Fiamma F80s awning. Fiamma awnings are the most elegant, user-friendly, and trustworthy awnings on the market. When not in use, the F80s takes up little space while snuggly enclosed in its aluminum case.

Aluminum end caps, high-quality components, and a silent opening system give Fiamma a massive advantage over the competition when it comes to fit, finish, and overall build quality and make the F80s awning the go-to solution for all roof-mounted installations. (For roof rack-mounted installations see the Fiamma F45s Awnings)

Delivery is typically between 2-4 weeks via truck freight*. Feel free to contact us to check on shipping estimates for a particular awning before placing an order. 


  • Comes with everything you need including brackets to mount the awning to the roof.¬†Make sure to select the correct van make/model so you get the right brackets. Details on each model are below.
  • Case Color Options:¬†Deep Black, Titanium Silver, or¬†Polar White
  • Manual Crank¬†by default with two optional electric motor upgrades: a¬†Standard Motor or¬†an Advanced Motor. Both motors come with a physical on/off wall switch but the advanced motor can be controlled by the Fiamma App.¬†Adding a motor adds an additional 2-3 weeks to lead time as it will come preinstalled. You can special order the motor separately and install it yourself to get both sooner. Contact us if this is desired. A motor will add 4" to the left side of the awning.¬†
  • UV Resistant, Waterproof, and Washable
  • The legs can be fixed to the ground or to the wall, and the height can¬†easily be adjusted
  • Extra Strong Arms
  • Royal Gray is the standard fabric color
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING*¬†to the lower 48 states¬†*some addresses may incur an additional $100 "beyond area" surcharge. Canadian, Alaskan, and Hawaiian customers - please email for freight quotes.¬†

NEED PARTS OR ACCESSORIES? We sell the entire line of Fiamma products so we can help you with replacement parts or accessories! Please contact us with your particular needs and we’ll be happy to help! 


Van Size Compatible Awning
Promaster 136"  F80s 320 - 10'6"
Promaster 159" F80s 370 - 12'2"
Promaster 159" EXT  F80s 400 - 13'2"
Sprinter 144" F80s 320 - 10'6"
Sprinter 170" F80s 370 - 12'2" or 400 - 13'2"*
Sprinter 170" EXT 400 - 13'2"
Transit 148" EXT F80s 400 - 13'2"

Fiamma F80S Awning 320 (144" High Roof Sprinter & 136" High Roof Promaster)

  • Awning Case Length: 10'6"
  • Canopy Length: 10'1"
  • Extension Length: 8'2"
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Make & Model-specific brackets are included:
    • Sprinter Brackets ‚Äď either the 98655-772 for Sprinters with OEM Roof Rails, or the 98655-746 for Sprinters without rails
    • Promaster Brackets - 98655Z101¬†

Fiamma F80S Awning 370 (High Roof Promaster 159" & 170" Sprinter)

  • Awning Case Length: 12'2"
  • Canopy Length: 11'7"
  • Extension Length: 8'2"
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Make & Model-specific brackets are included:
    • Sprinter Brackets ‚Äď either the 98655-772 for Sprinters with OEM Roof Rails, or the 98655-746 for Sprinters without rails
    • Promaster Brackets - 98655Z101¬†
  • The 370 size comes standard for the 170" Sprinter. The 400 awning fits but to order you need to contact us.

      Fiamma F80S Awning 400 (170" & 170" EXT Sprinter, 159" EXT Promaster, 148‚ÄĚ Extended WB Transit)

      • Awning Case Length: 13'2"
      • Canopy Length: 12'7"
      • Extension Length: 8'2"
      • Weight:¬†71 pounds
      • Make & Model-specific brackets are included:
        • 170" & 170" EXT Sprinter Brackets ‚Äď either the 98655-772 for Sprinter vans with OEM Roof Rails or 98655-746 for Sprinters without rails
        • 159 EXT Promaster Brackets - 98655-904
        • 148" EXT Transit Bracket - 98655Z108. This is a full-length bracket that will stick out about 14 inches past the edge of the roofline of the van so that the sliding side door is completely covered.¬†Fiamma doesn't¬†make a bracket for the standard WB.
      • The 370 size awning comes standard for the 170" Sprinter. The 400 awning fits fine but to order you will need to contact us.


      [1] Dual LED Predefined Position in Lead Bar + Case: optional LED Strip Awning full-length lighting kit (5m adhesive strip)
      [2] Compact Section: case and lead bar are more compact but as strong as ever.
      [3] Triple Guide: three guides on the lead bar (highlighted in red in the detail) for fitting two front panels and other accessories
      [4] Secure Lock Legs
      [5] Aluminum End Caps
      [6] Extra-Strong Arms: wider, reinforced, and articulated arms with double steel cable for optimal canopy tensioning
      Rafter: central tension rafter in aluminum is included with the 400-sized awnings. It can also be purchased separately here.
      Optional Motor Kit: the awning can be fitted with a Standard Motor Kit (with wall control panel), or Advanced Motor Kit (wall control + can be controlled with the Fiamma App via smartphone).

       *As with all freight deliveries, the customer is required to take possession of the awning off the back of the freight truck. Packages are not delivered to your door. 
       **NOT compatible with Orion Roof Racks. If you want or have an Orion roof rack please look at the F45s Awnings instead.

      Fiamma F80s Awnings

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      William P. (Fruita, CO, US)
      Now it is installed

      Took awhile to find someone to install it - I aged out of ladder useūü§™
      Works great - we will enjoy it for years.

      David B. (Salem, OR, US)
      Fiamma F80S Awning

      the product arrived early and was packaged very well. The awning is in perfect condition and is of top notch quality. The bracket kit arrived separately, so I had the brackets installed and ready for the awning install. Definitely a 2 man/2 ladder operation. The awning works beautifully and is a major upgrade. Also, the ordering process was awesome! Matt helped me with a lot of details prior to ordering. he wanted to make sure that I was getting the right products for my ProMaster. Great customer service!! Orion Van Gear also provided tracking info for both shipments.

      Matt a.M.F. (Olympia, WA, US)
      Promaster Brackets Fiamma 45s

      Substantial, and well thought out. The brackets attach perfectly to the Orion Roof Rack.

      Matt a.M.F. (Olympia, WA, US)
      Excellent Awning Fiamma 45s

      So exciting the Promaster Brackets for the Fiamma 45s arrived first and then the Awning arrived. We were nervous at first because the box had some damage but after opening it all was well and protected by the excellent packing. The rigid packing pieces were used by us to make a stencil to simulate the Awning. we could lift the cardboard Stencil into position on the Van and decide where we wanted the Brackets and Awning mounted. It also allowed us to know where to drill the holes into the Awning casing as not to damage the internal mechanisms. While installing we appreciated all the quality craftsmanship that went into the Brackets and Awning. Two people, two ladders and team work is a must. Great products Orion. Thank you

      Timothy P. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
      Fiamma Awning

      Excellent awning, great quality ,appearance really nice. Operation very easy. Mounting instructions were easy to follow. It was a bit heavy, you really need 2 young people to lift into place. I'm 76 and the helper was a smaller 72 year old. I would recommend it highly!

      Timothy P. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
      Fiamma Awning Wall Bracketts

      They work very well, and appearance is nice. Quality great. Only tough parts was removing my water control unit on my Winnebago Solis Promaster. Then then removing the panel up front, there was a double metal wall that wouldn't allow excess to the **** fasteners., I still used the screws but put double sided 3M tape to secure it to the wall and it works fine. Just use field exspeedincy! I would still recommend. recommend

      joe e. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      Fiamma f80

      Absolutely love it. Installation was very ease if you have some knowledge of how to remove A/C system and headliners.

      Timothy P.
      Fiamma F80s 370 Awning

      Great awning and accessories. Installation easy to do, great quality & perfect price. It was kind of hard for this 76 yr old man & 62 yr old to lift and place on the roof, but we did it!

      Timothy P.
      Fiamma FS 80 Awning 370

      Excellent awning and much easier than I expected to mount. I really like it, I'm 76 yrs old and a small guy about 62 yrs old picked out up and set it on the braces.