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  • Have more pictures and videos?
  • Do you offer a version of the Stealth+ Rack for low roof Promaster vans?
    • Not at this time. The location on the roof pins are different. If we get enough interest (over 10 requests) we may look into this. Contact us if you want this. 
    • How much does the Stealth+ Rack weigh?
      • Our racks are built with all-aluminum construction so they are light and strong. We are still working to get exact weights but approximates for each model are: 136= 90 lbs, 159= 100 lbs, 159EX= 110 lbs.
    • What is the load rating of the Stealth+ Rack System?
      • Although our rack has been load tested at over 10x factory recommended load ratings, we only recommend that you adhere and follow your manufacturer's maximum load specifications.
    • What are the Stealth+ Rack interior dimensions?
      • Approximately: 
        • 136wb: 61.5" by 114.6" (Inches)
        • 159wb: 61.5" by 137.4" (Inches)
        • 159EXTwb: 61.5" by 151.7" (Inches)

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