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The Most Customizable Sprinter Roof Rack

The Most Customizable Sprinter Roof Rack

The Stealth+ Sprinter Van Rack

Fellow Van Lifers! Do you love to stargaze, explore off the grid for weeks, catch some waves on a surfboard, or unwind at the van after getting back from a big adventure? If so, then you know how essential it is to have a reliable and versatile rack system for your van. And that's where the Stealth+ Sprinter Van Rack comes in!

The STEALTH+ Sprinter Van Rack is an excellent addition to any van owner's setup. It's a versatile and reliable solution that allows you to carry all your essential gear and equipment for any hobby or adventure. Whether you're a surfer looking to carry multiple boards or a skier needing to transport equipment for your whole family, Orion Van Gear’s Sprinter Van Rack has got you covered.

One of the main advantages of the Stealth+ Sprinter Van Rack is its versatility. The rack can be configured to fit a range of accessories, such as bike racks, kayaks, roof boxes, and solar panels, which makes it an ideal solution for van owners looking to optimize their storage and energy solutions. The crossbars are fully adjustable front to back and install easily even if you have existing fans, air conditioning units, and solar. 

But the Stealth+ Sprinter Van Rack is not just about versatility. It's also incredibly durable and designed to withstand the elements. Made from premium materials in the USA, the rack is designed to last for decades, making it a reliable and cost-effective investment for any van owner. Plus, its low-profile form-fitting design means that it won't add significant height to your van, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and avoid height restrictions.

This Van Rack is an essential tool for anyone looking to live off the grid, maximize the functionality of their van, and reduce their environmental impact. By installing solar panels on the roof rack, you can harness the power of the sun and generate your electricity, making it easy to live sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint.

Modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels 

Camping in a Sprinter van can be a fantastic experience, and having a modular roof deck can take that experience to the next level. Here are some use cases for installing Orion Van Gear’s patent-pending  Modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels:

A New Perspective: You won’t fully understand until you stand on top of a roof deck for the first time the immense difference you gain in perspective. Being able to have your morning coffee or soak in a sunset with your significant other on top of your roof is a magical experience. A great place to watch a concert above the crowds or dance the night away.

Storage Space: Orion’s roof deck panels are often used for additional storage. You can store camping gear, supplies, and equipment on the roof deck, freeing up valuable space inside the van. Each panel has multiple L-track compatible mounting locations for strong anchors or tie-downs.

Walkable Solar Panels: Generate power to charge your devices and run your appliances without sacrificing roof space like you normally would have to when using traditional rigid non-walkable solar panels. The walkable panels mount directly to the roof deck panels and can also be used for temporary storage when transporting large items like kayaks, lumber, or any other large items.  This is especially useful on shorter wheelbase vans when you want to maximize solar, have a deck, and also a fan and ac unit. 

Stargazing: A roof deck provides an excellent platform for stargazing at night. You can lay down a blanket and spend hours enjoying the night sky.

Photography: Adding 15-plus feet to your photography is a game changer. Not only does it allow you to set up a tripod for video or photography, but it also makes it easy to nail a shot over fences, barriers, bushes, and crowded areas. 

Tent Platform: With a modular roof deck, you can create a sturdy platform for your rooftop tent  (RTT). This can be especially useful when traveling with more than two people and/or kids to add additional sleeping capacity.

Advantages of Walkable Solar Panels for Your Van Conversion

Spending time in a van is a chance to disconnect from our digital lives and reconnect with the natural world in a way that can be rejuvenating for the mind, body, and soul. Being in nature is a reminder of our place in the world, and the interconnectedness of all things. It can be humbling to see the vastness of a mountain range or the power of a rushing river. It can remind us of the fragility and beauty of life, and the importance of taking care of the planet we call home. 

No matter how much we want to disconnect from the modern world of electricity, it is often difficult to leave it all behind and if you're a van lifer, you know that having a reliable source of energy is essential for enjoying your time on the road. When it comes to solar power systems on a van, having more wattage is ideal for generating more energy to keep up with daily loads such as fridges, lights, fans, air conditioners, Starlink, etc. With enough solar, you’ll only need to use your batteries overnight and you can stay off-grid longer! However, building a large enough solar array for your needs on a van can be challenging due to the limited rooftop space available, especially on shorter vans like the 144” Mercedes Sprinter. Unlike other types of RVs, vans have limited roof space, which means that every square foot must be utilized efficiently, especially if you want to run your AC while off-grid.

Covering the roof of your van with traditional solar panels can also make it difficult to navigate safely without walking on and potentially damaging them. Additionally, the weight of rigid solar panels can be cumbersome and add unnecessary weight to your van. Fortunately, the latest innovation in solar technology - walkable solar panels - offer a solution to these issues. Walkable solar panels are half the weight of traditional rigid solar panels, making them an ideal option for all types of vans. Not only that but they're designed to be walked on without the risk of damage, which makes them incredibly versatile and convenient. By using walkable solar panels on your van, you'll be able to maximize your rooftop space while still generating enough energy to power your van's appliances, electronics, and devices. That’s right, enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset from on top of walkable solar panels. The perfect vantage point for viewing wildlife or soaking in a beautiful sunset. To summarize, compared to traditional solar panels, walkable solar panels on a van conversion offer several advantages:

Versatility: Walkable solar panels on a van can serve multiple purposes. Not only can they generate energy for the van's electrical needs, but they can also be used as a platform for activities such as camping, outdoor cooking, extra storage, and stargazing.

Increased Durability: Walkable solar panels are designed to be sturdy and durable, allowing them to withstand the rigors of van life, including vibration, movement, and inclement weather.

Space Savings: Compared to traditional solar panels, walkable solar panels take up less space on the roof of the van. This means that there is more room for other equipment, such as air conditioning units or additional storage.

Weight Savings: Walkable solar panels are half the weight of traditional rigid solar panels, making them an ideal option for all types of vans. 

Cost Savings: By generating their own electricity, van owners can reduce or even eliminate their need for grid electricity, which can lead to significant cost savings over time. Walkable solar panels also require less maintenance than traditional solar panels, which can further reduce costs.

Overall, walkable solar panels are an excellent investment offering a more versatile, lightweight, and durable option for powering a van conversion than traditional solar panels. This makes them the perfect solution for van owners who want to generate their own electricity without sacrificing roof space or mobility.

How Orion Van Gear Built the Most Customizable Van Rack

If you are a proud owner of a Sprinter van, you know how versatile and customizable this vehicle can be. There are endless possibilities when it comes to modifications and upgrades. Orion Van Gear’s Modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels, in combination with the Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack and walkable solar panels offer the most customizable and functional van roof rack on the market. 

So, why do the modular Sprinter roof deck panels, walkable solar panels, and Sprinter van roof rack combine perfectly? For starters, they are all designed to work seamlessly together. The roof panels provide a sturdy and protective base for the solar panels and mount directly to the roof rack’s crossbars. Walkable solar panels are the perfect addition for those who want to harness solar power while on the go without sacrificing storage or deck space. And the roof rack is the foundation of it all while also allowing easy installation of accessories like a side ladder, Fiamma F45s awning, lightbars, board hooks, and security cameras. This ultimate customization allows you to carry extra gear, equipment, or luggage on top of your van without sacrificing space inside and works on nearly all roof layouts no matter where your fans or ac units are installed.

Moreover, the modular Sprinter Roof Deck Panels, Walkable Solar Panels, and Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack are all customizable. Choose the size and quantity of roof panels, the number and type of solar panels, and the design of the roof rack to fit your specific needs and preferences. 

These three van accessories combine perfectly to enhance the versatility and functionality of all Sprinter vans. So, whether you're a weekend warrior, a full-time traveler, or a mobile business owner, these modifications will provide you with the extra space, power, and protection you need to make the most of your van.

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