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Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack

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FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. Ships next day in most cases. 

The Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack has an ultra form-fitting design that boasts the best-looking and most functional Sprinter roof rack on the market. We tested hundreds of iterations to get the perfect fit! Proudly made in Oregon with the highest quality components, each rack is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and ships free to the lower 48 states. 


  • Proudly Made in Oregon
  • All Aluminum Construction (Lightweight & Strong)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Front and Rear Wind Fairings Included (Optional Rear Light Upgrade)
  • Fully Adjustable 10-Series 8020 Crossbars Included
  • Industry Leading Low-Profile Aerodynamic Design
  • Premium UV-Resistant Black Powder Coating
  • Provides 360 Roof Privacy (hides roof accessories)
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation (no crane, cutting, or drilling necessary!)
    • Step-By-Step Installation Guide
    • Mounts Directly to OEM/Vantech Roof Rails
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty


Select your wheelbase. (144, 170, 170 EXT)


Select a Rear Deflector. Standard (no lights) or Upgraded (with built-in flush-mounted lights. Click to select upgraded rear deflector.

two flush scene lights mounted on a ram promaster Flush Scene Light mounted to an Orion roof rack 


Add desired Rack Accessories like deck panels, ladders, awnings, solar panels, fans, air conditioners, brackets, board carriers, lightbars, and more. 


  • Orion Sprinter Rack Features:
      • Lightweight, form-fitting, strong, customizable, aerodynamic, silent, durable, and easy to install.
      • Unparalleled adjustability and flexibility for complete control over van layout and function.
      • Included 10-series aluminum extrusion crossbars can be effortlessly positioned where you need them.
      • Stress-free installation around pre-existing or planned roof accessories like MaxxAir Fans, AC Units, Solar Panels, Hatches, etc.
      • Laser-cut and formed aluminum side panels and fairings provide 360-degree roof privacy, enhance strength, and aesthetics.
      • Longer and wider than other Sprinter racks, providing ultimate flexibility and functionality.
      • Usable inside width of 53.875" allows for larger solar panels and wider rooftop tent options.
      • 4" clearance between the roof and crossbars enables mounting of accessories like the Le Mans Low Profile 12v Fan.
      • Optional rear deflector upgrade features 2 flush-mounted scene lights for security and night driving support.
  • Upgrades Available:
  • Installation and Customization:
    • DIY-friendly installation with included premium stainless steel hardware.
    • No cutting, drilling, or crane is needed for installation.
    • Adaptable design offers ample space for customization without limitations.

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter rack—choose the Stealth+ Sprinter Roof Rack for a van that truly reflects your style and needs. Experience ultimate customization today. We're here to help you realize your van's full potential. We understand that every van life enthusiast has unique needs for their roof setup. That's why we offer CAD verified layouts on all our roof racks, ensuring you can maximize the limited space and fit what you want. Contact us for assistance in configuring your dream roof setup.







Usable Width

Overall Length 



60 lbs






76 lbs




170 EXT


84 lbs





Compatible with all 2007+ High Roof Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans with factory OEM roof rails or Vantech tracks including the:

  • 144" High Roof Sprinter
  • 170" High Roof Sprinter
  • 170" EXT High Roof Sprinter

*Not directly compatible with Fiamma F65 or F80 Awnings. We recommend the F45s.
**Products Sold Separately
***One crossbar is used in the front deflector

Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack FAQ

1. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping to the lower 48 states. Most orders ship the next day.

2. What warranty is provided with the Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack?

The Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Where is the Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack made?

It is proudly made in Oregon with the highest quality components.

4. What materials are used in the construction of the roof rack?

The roof rack features all-aluminum construction for lightweight strength and includes stainless steel hardware.

5. Does the roof rack include wind fairings?

Yes, both front and rear wind fairings are included. An optional rear light upgrade is also available.

6. Are the crossbars adjustable?

Yes, fully adjustable 10-series 8020 crossbars are included, allowing for easy positioning.

7. What is the design style of the roof rack?

It has a low-profile, aerodynamic design that is UV-resistant and powder-coated in black.

8. Is the installation DIY-friendly?

Yes, the roof rack is designed for easy DIY installation with no cutting, drilling, or crane needed. A step-by-step installation guide is provided.

9. Does the roof rack mount directly to existing roof rails?

Yes, it mounts directly to OEM/Vantech roof rails.

10. Can I add accessories to the roof rack?

Yes, you can add various accessories such as deck panels, ladders, awnings, solar panels, fans, air conditioners, brackets, board carriers, and lightbars.

11. What types of upgrades are available?

Upgrades include modular roof deck panels, Fiamma F45 awning, walkable solar panels, ladders, fans, lightbars, and more.

12. Is there an option for a rear deflector with built-in lights?

Yes, you can choose an upgraded rear deflector with built-in flush-mounted lights.

13. What are the dimensions and weight of the roof rack models?

Model: 144
Crossbars: 6
Weight: 60 lbs
Height: 5.4"
Usable Width: 53.875"
Overall Length: ~139"

Model: 170
Crossbars: 8
Weight: 76 lbs
Height: 5.4"
Usable Width: 53.875"
Overall Length: ~179"

Model: 170 EXT
Crossbars: 9
Weight: 84 lbs
Height: 5.4"
Usable Width: 53.875"
Overall Length: ~195"

14. Which vans is the roof rack compatible with?

It is compatible with all 2007+ High Roof Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans with factory OEM roof rails or Vantech tracks, including:

  • 144" High Roof Sprinter
  • 170" High Roof Sprinter
  • 170" EXT High Roof Sprinter
15. Are there any awnings that the roof rack is not compatible with?

It is not directly compatible with Fiamma F65 or F80 awnings. We recommend the F45s awning instead.

16. Can you help with configuring my roof setup?

Yes, we offer CAD-verified layouts for all our roof racks and are here to help you configure your ideal roof setup. Contact us for assistance.

17. For more detailed information or to place an order, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.
Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Mike F. (Alpharetta, GA, US)
144 Sprinter Rack, Panels, Lemans Fan and Walkable Solar

Installed the Sprinter Roof Rack and Deck Panels over the Lemans Roof vent on a 144 Sprinter. This allows enough deck space to put 3x175W walkable solar panels on top of the rack panels. Depending on the needs of each trip we can have a deck to sit on, room to store things, or a lot of solar. Very happy with the installation. Have not yet had a chance to travel with it as van build is nowhere near complete.

Rack and roof panels were very easy to install. Parts were manageable in weight and size and instructions were clear. True one person job.

Installed Lemans fan with a DIY Vans adapter to fit the channels in the roof. There was at least 1/2” clearance if it needed to be under a cross bar. Mine was just under a panel so had 1 1/2” clearance.

The 175w solar panels fill out the area on the rack which is great to maximize solar power, however, a good deal of thinking, measuring and precision was needed in mounting.

Very happy with Orion’s products, shipping times, and had great responsiveness from customer service as I was planning.

Thank you for your fantastic review! We're delighted to hear about your successful installation of the Rack, Deck Panels, Lemans Fan, and walkable solar panels. It's great to hear that our products met your needs for flexibility and efficiency in your 144 Sprinter build. We appreciate your positive feedback on the ease of installation and our customer service. Your meticulous approach to the solar panel setup is impressive, and we’re glad that our products could contribute to your van build journey. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures once your van is all set. Safe travels ahead!
- Orion

M.O.T.M. (Pleasantville, NJ, US)
Awesome DIY Roof Rack with Walking Solar Deck!

Super stoked to get our roof rack with the deck panels installed allowing us to get 600 watts of walkable solar panels on the deck! This thing is completely DIY. With this roof rack system, we have a Maxxair Fan, a 12v AC, a full deck, and 600 watts of walkable solar! Can't beat that. YouTube video placeholder
William T. (Fort Smith, AR, US)
Orion Van Gear Rocks! Five stars isn't enough for these guys.

WOW! I'm not a reviewer normally, but as a professional who deals with details and servicing the needs of others, I simply felt compelled to write about my experience with them. I'm converting a Sprinter van. I've dealt with numerous vendors and ordered an abundance of stuff. However, the way the ENTIRE process was handled by the gang at Orion put all others to shame. I'm not sure if Steve and Matt are engineers or Customer Service pros by trade, but their attention to EVERY detail is amazing. They worked with me to identify MY needs and desires to provide me the choices that would best meet my needs. After several communications, I purchased several things from them and then the magic became apparent. Their follow up was amazing. Moreover, when I received the packages that came from them, the detail was notices immediately. The exterior packaging was a protective packaging and edge guards so the internal packaging could not get damaged in handling in any way. Once through the protective packaging, inside was a complete set of Stealth + roof rack components. However, EACH piece was individually protected, then secured together in a fashion that there could be no possible marring/damage during shipping. When I got to the actual hardware, each set of nuts, washers, bolts, etc. were segregated by size and color and purpose and contained in individually packaged bags and marked accordingly. In addition, each of the rack pieces was individually labeled so there could be no confusion about following the instructions. Then there was the instructions. Anyone can follow the detailed instructions that are augmented by descriptive photos.
I must admit, at first, I was a little concerned about the price. I'm so used to hearing vendors claim to be the best, I just assume they are all alike and therefore the best price wins. I was so very wrong. These guys are not the same, they are the best. Once I realized the time they saved me by being so attentive to detail, I was absolutely I got the very best product for the very best price. Then there was the shipping. They didn't even add on any shipping. This is by itself several hundred dollars with the other companies I was considering. I can go on and on but I think it best to just say, Steve and Matt didn't sell me a roof rack, the made a lifetime happy customer who only deals with top notch professionals. Give them a try. I'm certain your experience will be just like mine.

WOW! Thank you so much for your incredible review and for sharing your experience with Orion Van Gear. We are absolutely thrilled to hear that our Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack and the entire purchasing process exceeded your expectations. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and exceptional customer service, and it means the world to us to know that our efforts made such a positive impact on your van conversion project. The entire team is dedicated to ensuring every step of the process is seamless and tailored to our customers' needs. Your detailed feedback about our packaging, communication, and the quality of our products reaffirms our commitment to excellence. We are so glad to have made a lifelong happy customer in you and to have earned your trust as top-notch professionals. Thank you again for your kind words and support. We look forward to continuing to serve you and being a part of your future adventures.
Best - The Orion Van Gear Team


Great products that are very high quality. Great customer service. The company also does an amazing job of packaging products that are not scratched when they arrive to their customer.

Dezz R. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Re-worked Jayco Terrain roof

Looking for a refresh of the factory installed rack and solar I explored all the options and settled on Orion for the sharp clean look and stellar reviews. Went with Sprinter Stealth rack, deck panels and walkable solar. Fully installed and all I can say is that was a great decision. As repeated many times in these reviews the products are solid, fit is amazing and customer service outstanding. Did a bit of DIY to add 3-color HardKorr camping lights on the side of the rack and mount Starlink gen 3 — the 8020 crossbars made Starlink mount a breeze. They were even able to source some H-channels for me to make a more seamless surface between the solar panels. Throughout the process their encouragement and support felt like this was a partnership. Thanks Orion Team!

Hi there, thank you so much for your amazing review! We are thrilled to hear that our Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack was the perfect solution for your Jayco refresh project. We take pride in providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we're glad it shows. Your DIY additions sound fantastic, and we're happy we could assist with sourcing the H-channels for a seamless finish (we've decided to add it to our store based on your feedback). Thank you for choosing Orion and for being a valued customer. Happy camping! - The Orion Team


Outstanding customer support. Well designed product.

C B. (Victor, ID, US)
Still Stoked After A Year - Still Worth It

Wrote a previous review about the install process and design. Checking in after a year of heavy use.

Through four seasons and ~6 months of travel, completely happy and no complaints. Have barely had to tension hardware after traveling through blazing deserts and Teton winter.

There are so many different ways to use it, it looks great, and hasn't scuffed much or faded in the sun.

I added the awning later but wished I just did it at the beginning.

The ladder/pole/fairing don't whistle at all on my van. Clearing snow off if it in winter is pretty easy with the ladder.

I've seen no downside. It opens up tons of possibilities on how to configure your setup. I'm always eyeing the other racks out there and still think this one looks the best.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Sprinter Stealth+ Roof Rack. We are thrilled to hear that it is still meeting your expectations after a year of heavy use. Your feedback about the installation process and design is greatly appreciated. We are glad to hear that the rack has held up well in various weather conditions and has not caused any issues with whistling. Also, thanks for the epic pictures! We hope you continue to enjoy the versatility and functionality of the rack. Happy travels!

chris r. (Newark, TX, US)
Texas roof rack

I’m a first time sprinter builder and I’ve been learning a lot and some the hard way. The guys at Orion have been great to deal with and very responsive. They have even helped with some of the things I did wrong. The rack is great and it is doable solo, it took me about 8 hours but the worst part about it was going up and down the ladder. I recommend Orion and this won’t be my last purchase from them.

Thank you so much for your fantastic 5-star review and for sharing your journey as a first-time Sprinter builder – your perseverance and dedication are truly inspiring! We’re overjoyed to hear that our team could contribute positively to your experience. Helping you navigate through the ups and downs (both metaphorically and in terms of the ladder!) is exactly what we strive for. We're glad that you found the experience rewarding. Seeing the picture of your van with the new rack, it's clear that all your hard work and effort have paid off splendidly. It looks incredible, and we're proud to be a part of your van building journey. Remember, we're always here to assist with any future projects or ‘oops’ moments. We look forward to seeing what you tackle next and are excited to know that Orion Van Gear will be a part of it.

Here’s to many more adventures (and fewer ladder climbs)!

Best regards,
Orion Van Gear

F.R. (Boardman, OR, US)
Sprinter 170 EXT Roof Rack

I bought my rack this time last year and have been extremely happy with its modularity and it’s low profile look. Looking forward to adding some deck panels in the near future.

Thank you for your fantastic 5-star review and for being a valued part of the Orion Van Gear family! Your van looks amazing! It’s great to hear that after a year, the Sprinter 170 EXT Roof Rack continues to bring you joy and satisfaction with its modularity and sleek, low-profile design. Your plan to add some deck panels soon sounds like an exciting upgrade, and we’re confident it will take your van to the next level. Remember, if you need any assistance or have questions about which panels you need for your configuration, our team is always here to help. We’d love to see how your Sprinter looks with the new deck panels, so feel free to share pictures with us when you’ve added them! Here’s to many more years of happy travels with your Orion-equipped Sprinter.
Best regards,
Orion Van Gear

Ramon C. (Chandler, AZ, US)
Sprinter roof rack

Excelente product, excellent customer service, excellent communication. Parts and instructions very detailed. Thanks

Ramon - Thanks for the great pictures and kind words! We're delighted to hear that you found our Sprinter roof rack and our customer service to your satisfaction. Your appreciation for the detailed parts and instructions means a lot to us. Happy travels and thanks again for choosing Orion Van Gear!

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