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Nomadic Cooling X2 Air Conditioners

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The Nomadic Cooling X2: Redefining Van Air Conditioning

Elevate your van life with the Nomadic Cooling X2, the ultimate game-changer in van air conditioning. This compact powerhouse isn't just an air conditioner—it's a revolution in comfort and convenience. Its lightweight design and aerodynamic low-profile shroud make it one of the smallest air conditioners on the market. However, don't let its size fool you; the X2 is packed with power, featuring a whisper-quiet fan with an adjustable vent for optimal air circulation.

Compact Power, Unmatched Comfort

The X2 is designed to fit an industry-standard 14 x 14 opening, ensuring installation is as easy as 1-2-3. With a modern control panel offering five distinct modes, you have complete control over your cooling experience.

Seamless Integration with Ecoflow Power Kits

The 48v version of the X2 seamlessly integrates with the 5kwh, 10kwh, and 15kwh Ecoflow Power Kit via a special cable exclusively available through Orion's Ecoflow kits, enhancing your van's energy efficiency and sustainability.

Don't Miss Out on Unmatched Comfort

Why wait? Upgrade your van life with the Nomadic Cooling X2 today and experience the perfect blend of power, convenience, and efficiency. Demand is high, and supplies are limited. Transform your van into a cool oasis with the Nomadic Cooling X2. Order yours now and elevate your travel experience.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight yet Powerful: Enjoy efficient cooling without added bulk.
  • Aerodynamic, Low-profile Shroud: Enhances your van's aesthetics and aerodynamics.
  • Fits Industry-standard 14 x 14 Opening: Installation is quick and hassle-free.
  • Whisper-quiet Fan with Adjustable Vent: Ensure optimal air circulation with minimal noise.
  • Modern Control Panel with Five Modes: Customize your cooling experience effortlessly.
  • Easy Installation: All X2 units bought from Orion include a comprehensive DIY install kit, making setup a breeze.

DIY Install Kit includes:

  • 15FT 2AWG Power Harness
  • Single Layer Foam Gasket
  • Leveling Strip
  • 2 Styles of Air Separators for Ceiling-to-Roof Depth
  • Betaseal with Application Nozzle
  • Internal Faceplate
  • Control Panel with Control Harness
  • Cross Bars
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Remote Control
  • Zip Ties with Mounting Squares
  • Internal Trim Ring

Nomadic Cooling X2 Air Conditioners

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